Next week !!!!!

On Monday:

On the 22nd of¬†May, both primary 7’s went to Choices for life. It was really fun. we were there all day. They were teling us not to take drugs or drink and then the people showed everybody lots of video’s about people who had tane drugs and some of them ended up in real trouble or the other one’s got put in jail. it was held in a big concert hall where every body had a seat. they done lots of things like Family Fortunes and the simpsons family won that is the team that we were in. the guy who was to be homer was told to close his eyes and pic a schools name out of the bag and guess what he picked out CARRONSHORE PRIMARY SCHOOL……… we were so happy that we gave a loud scream and cheer. The prize was Kieth Jack, well i mean Kieth Jack is to come to our school and sing to us. i can’t wait.

Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday:

OH my gooodness, i can’t¬†believe that we have our induction days next week. It’s on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m really excited but I’m really nervous because it is a huge school, with tons of people there, so i hope i do well on the three days.

¬†So on Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday, my mum will drop me off at my Auntie’s at half past 8, and then at quarter to 9 my Auntie will take me and my cousin up to the bus stop outside Larbert High School. Then me and my cousin will walk into the hall where we have to meet and begin our day. After school we will wait for each other at the¬†bus stop and then walk home.

I am wondering what¬†i should take on the induction days because we haven’t been told yet, so i think that i will ask the teacher on Monday when we go back to school¬† what we will have to take and so when i know i will get the stuff i need and put it in my school bag for the three days.


Talent Show

A couple weeks ago, there was auditions for the school Talent Show called C-Shore’s Got Talent. Lots of people auditioned for it. At least 1-4 people from every class went to audition for it. I know who went through for the 7’s it was Anna, Darcie, Bethany, Rhiann, Sophie ( all in the same group who were singing), Monica and Chloe ( in a group and they were singing), Jaydean ( doing¬†a dance¬†from her stageworx),¬†Russell, Fraser m, Scott, Kieran s, Ben m and¬†Adam L (the stunt group), Connie( who did Taekwondo)¬†and then there was me( who sang). Every body’s audition was really good but i don’t no who else went through but i hope that everybody did even though i didn’t see all of the auditions.¬†I’m not sure when the real show is but there is one in the afternoon for the school and one at night for anybody else.

I hope that it will be really fun because they have just said that there will be a winner. I do hope that i win but i think that there is tons of more people who are in it and there’s are really good. OH i’m just really excited but I’m just going to wait and see what happens next. Bye.x


i was looking on photobucket and i typed in cartoon people and it came up with these pics of some cartoon people wearing hoodies and other stuff i will show you them,

here they are…..¬†Pharrel Cartoon 5¬† ¬† Diplomat Cartoon¬†¬†¬†¬† GUnot Cartoon¬†¬† Blood Cartoon¬†¬† pharrell cartoon 7, and there are tons more. I think they are cool and there clothes are cool to.

Animals and Toys

I love lots of stuff like animals and toys and some pets too. i am going to tell you some of the animals that i like.The one that i like the most is a monkey. I think that they are sooooooooo cute and i think that it is cool how they can swing from trees ( i wish i could do that ). i like them the most when they are small because they dont have that much hair and its just so cute.            Here is a pic of small monkeys  monkeys

My second favourite animal is a dolphin dolphin.gifi like the way that they can swim through the water its so cool. They are very fast and they can jump very high.

My third one is a hammer head shark hammer heads  Great Hammerhead Shark   i think that hammer heads can look at bit funny but i think that they are cool. I like the shape of their heads and i like the colour of them. sometimes i wish that i was one of them because they get to stay in the water all day and swim everywhere.

Here is pics of my favourite toys…..

 winnie the pooh winnie the pooh. I think he is very cute and so is Eyore, Piglet and all the people that are on the pic but i like roo aswell.

  dolphins dolphins dolphins. i think that dolphins are cute whether they are a toy or are real.

tinker bell tinker bell. I like tinker bell alot. i like peter pan the movie ( the cartoon one ) when captain Hook takes her because she tries to escape and i think that it is funny. i like her fairy dust too.

The pets that i like are dogs   dogs    dogs  i think that they are cute and soft.

i like rabbits because they remind me of thumper ( the rabbit out of Bambi) and i think that they are cute.  and rabbits

i like Hamsters aswell they are soooooooo cute and furry and i like to look at pictures of them or i like to look at them in real lifeaint they cute   Cute Ham glitter.

i hope that you have learned a bit about what animals and toys that i like.

My weekend

On saturday morning i went to my sisters football training and watched her play football. She was quite good and fast. in the first half of the game some one from the other team stood on her foot and it started to bleed and then in the second half the same girl kicked her in the mouth and she never even got a row. Anyway her team ( the navys ) won the game 3-0.


After the football i went home and started to get ready to go to the cinema.

After i was ready to go i still had to go and get some sweets. So i went down to the shop and bought some sweets that were on offer for 3 for a pound.When i got back i grabbed my bag and got in the car. I was going to the cimema with my friend Jaydean. we stopped the car at jaydeans house and then she got in. We were at the cinema and we had just bought our tickets and then went for a milk shake. We both got a mint chocolate chip shake and it tasted great. we were going to see the film called the game plan. It was really good. Alot of parts were funny and at the end it got a little bit sad but it was still really good.

Here is a pic of the film The Game Plan

After the cinema we stopped at mcdonalds and had a happy meal but ate it on the way home. When me and jaydean got in my house¬† went had to walk up to jaydeans house to get her stuff because we were having a sleep over. When we were back home my dad asked us what were in all the bags. Jaydean had brought 4 or 3 bags full of her stuff it was like she was staying for a week or 2. We then ran into my room and put her stuff away then we just started¬† to talk about.. well we just talked about anything really.¬†Later on we watched a little bit from a dvd from stage works when she was younger. She was so cute but i think that jaydean was a bit embarest that i kept saying that about her. The night went by to quickly and my mum came in the¬† room and set out a bed for jaydean to sleep in. After we had a snack we went back in my room and watched a dvd. When we were ment to be sleeping we were really playing on our nintendo ds’s it was great. Then we started to get a bit tired so we decided to try and get to sleep. But we couldnt so we started to read for about 5 minutes then we really did try and get to sleep. After a while jaydean fell asleep and i was still awake.¬†I try to sleep in the bed but jaydean was sleeping in it so i ended up sleeping on the floor. The sleepover was not what i planned but it turned out really great. I will probably have another sleepover with her or some one else.

thumbs up pal


In our class we are doing a topic on WW2. we have learnt alot and it has been quite fun. we went on a trip to Calender House and we got evacuated. We had to put on ichy clothes and then went to a table and got an identity card. then we went to the next table and got a ration book, post card and a lable for our luggage. when we got back it was lunch time and we were all starving. we got to go first for lunch then we went outside to play.

We are in groups that are to do with WW2. there are lots of them like the clothes group ( that is the group that i am in ) , rationing group, evacuation group and ect. it is really fun in the groups. we get to make posters to say what we are talking about and we some people in the group or everybody in the group has to talk about a part of what they are doing.

drawing pics

I just love to draw pictures , it’s really fun. I am quite good at drawing. Last night i drew Eyore , i tried to draw Winnie the pooh and piglet but that didn’t work out , i drew pluto , donald duck and daffy duck. I stuck some of my pictures on the wall in my bed room but i couldn’t put all of them up because i ran out of blue tack.

I got more blue tack and have stuck more pictures up on my bed room wall. i have even started my own doodle book. i have drew lots of things in it and i really like them.

Our Class Poems

In our class we have been practicing for a poetry comp against Carron School. We have been doing quite well and it is getting fun. On thursday we are going to set up a mic and then my class and the other class will say our poems in front of each other. Four people out of my class and four out of the other class will be chosen by a teacher to say there poems in front of the school. So all of us are going to do it as best as we can to see if we get chosen to say it in front of the school. After the 8 people from the p7’s¬†have said there poems¬†the head teacher will pic 4 of us altogether to¬†compete against¬†Carron School. I think that the teachers will have a hard job picking out of all the p7’s because everybodys are great. I just dont¬†know who will get picked¬†but i hope that one of them is me lol.

My poem is called The Rantin Dog The Daddie O’t. This poem¬†is quite good and most of my friends think so too. This poem is one of Robert Burns and thats why i like it. He can use some strange words but i’m okay with them now. Lots of my friends have chosen very good poems and if i was to pic out of them i wouldn’t pic anyone since they are all just to good. This is going to be a hard day.


The Weather and stuff

The weather has been really bad. all it has done is rained and thats bad. i wish it could be sunny and there would be no rain just the bright sun. BUT i dont think that will happen because it is the winter. i still do wish that it would turn warm because at school since it has been raining we have had to stay in side. sometimes it can be fun and sometimes its just not fun. Everytime we go out side i just starts to rain again ( booooooo ).

anyway my birthday is coming up soon and i am getting a nintendo wii. i love nintendo wii’s they are just sooooooo much fun. i would want to play it all the time but if i do that i will probably get bored¬†lol. I dont really no what i want for my birthday it will just be a surprize ( YEAH ). i think i am getting money from most people but it will make me rich lol.¬†I have just got my first birthday card from my Auntie Isobel but i hope that i will get lots more. I am going to have a party with my family and i hope that it will be fun.